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Vitacell Scan

Step into a new era of personal health insight with Vitacellscan, where the journey from your blood to your cells becomes crystal clear.


Unlock the secrets to your body's mineral needs and take control of your wellbeing today.

What is
Vitacell Scan


Discover the power of Vitacellscan, an innovative approach hailing from the forefront of laboratory medicine. This cutting-edge technique employs photo spectroscopy to precisely measure 20 essential minerals and trace elements, alongside 14 toxic metals, right at your fingertips. The Vitacellscan doesn't just quantify; it dives deeper, offering invaluable insights into oxidative stress levels within your body by analyzing the nutrient concentrations and their ratios at the cellular level. This means you gain a comprehensive view of how these vital minerals are harmonizing, ensuring your cells are in perfect balance.

Experience the future of health monitoring with results delivered in mere seconds, all from the convenience of a non-invasive scan on your hand's surface. No more needles, no more waiting. The only thing you need is your blood group, and even if you're unsure, we've got you covered with our rapid test available on-site.

Vitacell Scan at INTEGRA Energy-Spa

Bring the best to your body and mind ! Vitacell Scan embarks on a journey to unparalleled health insights with Vitacellscan, where cutting-edge technology meets the essence of wellness

Your Journey to Vitality begins here. 

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